In Kanto has living creatures called Pokemon pokemon trainers know that the key to success with pokemon is staying informed. Certain things, like a pokemon's type, species, weight, and more can make the difference in raising, battling, and evolving pokemon but there not the only ones here a trainer name Ash Ketchum with his first pokemon Pikachu meets nine trainers turn out to be faires called themselves the Winx club thier names are Bloom,Stella,Tecna,Musa,Flora,Layla,Roxy,Ants,and Tecko and thier first pokemon are Turtwig (Bloom's), Rhyhorn (Stella's), Magnemite (Tecna's), Snorunt (Musa's), Bulbasaur (Flora's), Squirtle (Layla's), Ralts (Roxy's), Charmander (Ants's) and Voltorb (Tecko's). They travel to Gyms and win badges face Team Rocket and thier boss Baltor his pokemon is a charmeleon meet friends Misty and Brock go to the kanto league they travel to th orange league own badges thier pokemon evolve except Bloom's turtwig they went to Johto and win badges there and go to the johto league they got a sail to Hoenn and won badges and go to the league and went to the Battle frontier and won they go to Sinnoh Bloom revealed her adopted mother in Sinnoh and is Cynthia Bloom's main pokemon there was Monferno with Gabite and Electabuzz she own them since they were Chimchar and Gible and Elekid when she's a little girl in her Birthday and took them to Alfea trained them and train herself in her fairy form then they evolve. Winx club won thier badges head to the Sinnoh league Layla decide to go back to Kanto to help Misty and her sisters and there on their way to Isshu Bloom will miss her best friend Dawn and she will miss her too.