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Bloom (Winx Club)Edit

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search{| class="infobox" style="width: 20em" |+Winx Club characters | colspan="2" style="text-align: center"|[[]] |- ! align="middle" colspan="2" style="background: #10ffff"|Princess Bloom |- | align="right"|Voiced by | style="width: 75%"|Liza Jacqueline (4Kids), Letizia Ciampa (Original), Helena Evangeliou (Seasons 1-3)Angela Galuppo (Season 4) (Rai English) |- | align="right"|Associated Pixie: |Lockette, Pixie of Portals |- | align="right"|Age at first appearance: |16 |- | align="right"|Birthday: |December 10/ January 27 (4Kids version)[1] |- | align="right"|Origin: |Planet Domino/ Planet Sparx (4Kids version)[2] |- | align="right"|Affiliation: |Alfea, Winx club |- | align="right"|Powers and abilities |The Dragon's Flame/ Dragonfire (4Kids version) |- | align="right"|First appearance: |Una Fata a Gardenia (An Unexpected Event)/ It Feels Like Magic (4Kids version) |} Bloom is a fictional character and main protagonist from the animated series, Winx Club. She is the show's main character and is the official leader of the group. All the events usually tend to revolve around Bloom. Her first appearance was in Una fata a Gardenia (Rai English dub: An Unexpected Event) (4Kids version: It Feels Like Magic). Bloom is voiced by Letizia Ciampa in original Italian version, Helena Evangeliou (seasons 1-3) and Angela Galuppo (season 4) in Rai English version, and Liza Jacqueline in 4Kids version.


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    • 2.1 Life in Alfea: The First Year
    • 2.2 Life in Alfea: The Second Year
    • 2.3 Life in Alfea: The Third Year
    • 2.4 The Secret of the Lost Kingdom (first movie)
    • 2.5 Life on Earth: The Fourth Year
    • 2.6 Winx Club 3D: Magic Adventure (second movie)
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Generation 2 Personality ProfileEdit

Bloom a Decandent to the orignal was born on planet Domino to King Oritel and Queen Marion. Shortly after birth, her planet was attacked by a coven of witches (the Trix's ancestors) who sought to put out the Dragon's Flame[3] from Domino.[2] During this battle, the entire planet was destroyed. In a final sacrificial act to ensure that the Dragon's Flame[3] did not fall into the wrong hands, Bloom's older sister, Daphne, sent her through a portal that led to another Dimension, Sinnoh.

On Sinnoh, Bloom was found in a burning pod by a Cynthia, who rescued and eventually adopted her. Her adoptive mother was Cynthia . Bloom led an ordinary life, but she held a strong belief in fairies, even though she was unaware of her true origin. In her youth, she received a gift, her close pokemon Chimchar,Gible,and Elekid and met her rival, the snobbish and Rude Paul

Bloom is a cheerful and amiable girl, and cares deeply about those around her, especially her friends and family. While she normally carries a gentle disposition, she is prone to be confused and frustrated when something isn't right. She is earnest in learning new things, especially her new identity as a fairy, even though her skills were not well-versed in the beginning.

At the beginning of season one, Bloom was 16 years old. Bloom's outfits are primarily blue, , her favorite color is blue. She loves reading books about spells and playing with her pokemon Turtwig. Her favorite subject is Potionology and her favorite spell is the Dragon's Flame. Her profile on the official site also states that her favortie food is pizza (her mother states this in the cartoon as well), that she likes romanitic comedies, and she likes pop music. She's also terrible at being tidy and can be a bit unorganized at times.

[[[Bloom (Winx Club)|edit]]]On handEdit

200px-Ash Turtwig

Main article: Winx Club meets pokemon

Turtwig is Bloom's main pokemon in Kanto she met him at the forest been chase from the team rocket grunt and she defeat him turtwig came along with bloom on her journey and became stronger without evolving and lost at Kanto league and won at the orange league and travel to Jhoto but lost from the league they travel and trained at hoenn but lost they won at the battle frontier and travel to sinnoh they went to the league and won and him,Politoed,Gliscor,Infernape,Magmortar, and Togekiss are at the hall of fame and became champions just like Cynthia. the attacks he learned

Razor Leaf

Energy Ball
Giga Drain

230px-Paul Magmortar

Main article: Winx Club meets pokemon Bloom Own Magmortar since he was a Magmar at Cinnabar Island At Kanto wants to challenge Blaine and won but lost at Kanto,Jhoto and Hoenn Won at Orange league and Battle frontier they travel at Sinnoh and won at the league and at the hall of fame with Turtwig,Togekiss,Politoed,Gliscor,and Infernape and go with Bloom to Isshu Region the attacks he learned

Fire punch
Hyper beam
Rock smash


Main article: Winx Club meets pokemon Jhoto saga Bloom own Togekiss when she was a Togepi at Jhoto and evolve to togetic she lost at the Jhoto and Hoenn league won at Battle frontier travel to Sinnoh and won the league go to the hall of fame with Turtwig,Politoed,Magmortar,Gliscor.and Infernape and came along with Bloom at the Isshu Region attacks she learned

Air slash

250px-Ash Infernape

Main article: Winx Club: meets pokemon Sinnoh saga Infernape was Bloom old main pokemon with Garchomp and Electivire since she was a chimchar with gible and elekid she took her to Alfea and trained them they evolve to monferno,gabite,and electabuzz they save chimchar and evolved she came along with bloom and win the Sinnoh league at the hall of fame with Turtwig,Politoed,magmortar,Togekiss,and Gliscor and stay with politoed and gliscor with cynthia attacks she learned

Close combat
flame wheel
rock climbed

220px-Ash Gliscor

Main article: Winx Club meets pokemon.sinnoh saga

Bloom owned Gliscor since he was a gligar when she gave Pinsir away she train him well and evolve they travel to sinnoh league and won and at the hall of fame with Turtwig,Magmortar,Politoed,Togekiss,and Infernape he infernape and Politoed stay with Cynthia attacks he learned

Fire fang
Giga impact
steel wing


Main article winx club meets pokemon Bloom own Politoed since she was a poliwag at Kanto they travel and train when she evolve to poliwhirl but lost at Kanto but won at the Orange league they travel to Jhoto and lost at the league and Hoenn as well she won at the Battle Frontier then go to Sinnoh and won the league she Turtwig,Magmortar,Togekiss Infernape,and Gliscor are at the Hall of fame her Infernape and Gliscor stay with Cynthia the Attack she learned


In Cynthia's house Edit

all the Pokemon that Bloom caught are in Cynthia's house


,Crobat,Magcargo,Houndoom,Entei, Ho-oh,Blaziken,Hariyanma,Camerupt,Torkoal,Salamence,Latias,Garchomp,Gallade,Dailga,Heatran

In TrainingEdit

Two of Bloom's pokemon are stayed to train



4 of Bloom's pokemon are released


Status unknownEdit


[[[Bloom (Winx Club)|edit]]] AppearanceEdit

Civilian Bloom is a redhead, has blue eyes, and a medium skin tone. Her daily outfit for the first season, consists of a blue and yellow shirt, blue jeans with stars on the ends and yellow wedge sandals. From season 2 onwards, she wears a blue and white striped shirt with little pink hearts, a denim miniskirt with over-the-knee blue socks and lace up blue high-heeled boots. From season 4, she starts wearing a pink polka dotted shirt, and a light blue miniskirt, with a yellow belt which has a pink bow on it, along with pink heeled sandals. Her hairstyle does not change in any of the seasons. [1]

Winx Bloom's Winx outfit is a light blue sleevless above the midriff turtleneck top decorated with a gold jewel at her chest, a matching miniskirt and blue ankle boots. She also wears blue fingerless gloves around her arms from elbow to wrist and wears a small golden tiara with rounded points in her hair . Her wings are cyan with teal tips. She first transformed in episode 3 of season 1, in an encounter with the Trix. Bloom's Winx

Charmix Bloom's winx outfit is retained, and she gains a heart shaped pin around the gold jewel on her chest, along with a pink, fluffy, heart shaped bag around her waist. She earned her Charmix in Wildland, after she urged her friends to use teamwork to save themselves from a falling cable car. Bloom's Charmix

Enchantix In her Enchantix form, Bloom has pink above-the-elbow gloves. She has pink eyeshadow, and has heart shaped barrets on each side of her head. Her hair is elaborately styled and grows, reaching just below knee length. Her outfit is a layered minidress which goes from blue at the top, to green in the middle, then yellow, and becomes a soft pink at the end. The collar of the outfit is blue, with a pink bow. Her fairydust locket is suspended on a chain. She has cyan barefoot sandals, with hearts in the middle. Her wings are primarily blue, with shades of pink and yellow inside. They have spirals coming out of them at the top. She is the last Winx to earn her Enchantix. Bloom's Enchantix

Fairy Dust Her Fairy Dust vial is a blue drop shaped vial, closed by a blue heart. There are tiny cyan hearts on top of the main vial, and a large blue heart completes the arrangement. Bloom's fairy dust vial

Believix In her Believix form, Bloom has light blue fingerless gloves, reaching from her knuckles to her wrist. Her hair grows and just reaches her ankle. A little of her hair is held by a golden heart. She has light pink eyeshadow. She wears a pink top with puffy sleeves and translucent elbow reaching sleeves, along with a cyan vest on top. Her skirt is poofy and begins with blue on top and slowly fades to a soft pink. There are a pair of pink bows on either side of the skirt. She wears heels with socks. The socks are just below the knee and are light pink, with a hot pink rim around them near the top. The front and back part of the shoes are blue, whereas the actual heel part is light blue. Her wings are blue and pink, with pink hearts inside them. Bloom's Believix

Sophix Bloom's Sophix is nature based. Her top becomes light blue, with purple sleeves extending downward, after which they change to green leaves. Her skirt is a light blue sarong, and her shoes are strappy wedge shaped heels. The golden heart holding her hair in her Believix becomes green. Her wings remain the same shape as they were in her Believix, but they are now blue and green. Bloom's Sophix

Lovix Bloom's Lovix is winter based. She wears a light blue tube top that is connected to her skirt. She wears full length dark blue fingerless gloves that extend from her shoulder to her wrist. Her skirt becomes layered and dark blue, with light pink ruffles at the end of each layer. She has light pink socks that come down over her shoes and are ruffled, the shoes remain the same as they were in her Believix. A belt with a purple heart is slung around her waist. Her wings remain the same shape as her Believix, but now have a blue border and they are pink inside. The Heart that held her hair in her Believix is now blue. Bloom's Lovix

[[[Bloom (Winx Club)|edit]]] Transformation Sequences and Healing PowersEdit

Winx Bloom's Winx transformation lasts for eighteen seconds. She twirls into a ball of fire with one hand up and there is a flash of light. She raises her hands with a ball of fire in them and then crosses them while her gloves burn on. There is another flash while her top burns into place. After another flash, her wings rise up, fluttering. Her tiara flashes on and she flies upward. She lands with her feet together and moves her hands in such a way that it makes a heart of flame. She strikes her final pose with one hand on her hip and one on her leg. Bloom's Winx transformation

Charmix Bloom's Charmix lasts for eleven seconds. First she appears from a grey cloud with arms together and eyes closed. A heart appears around the jewel on her chest. Then she twirls around once. A pink heart shaped bag appears around her waist in a flash of light. There is a flash and she strikes her final pose with hands on either side and feet apart. Bloom's Charmix

Enchantix Bloom's Enchantix transformation lasts for twenty seven seconds. First she appears as a silhouette with her legs clutched against her chest. There is a flash and her eyelids appear to peel off in sparkles to reveal pink eyeshadow beneath. There is another flash and she appears, as she leaves her legs and strikes a pose with hands and feet apart, and her hair blowing up as the dragon repeatedly whirls around her. After another flash, one of her gloves appears in a burst of sparkles. She puts her foot down and her barefoot sandals materialize. A blue flower opens and becomes her outfit, and her wings grow from her back. There is a flash and she strikes her final pose. Bloom's Enchantix

Fairy Dust Bloom's fairy dust lasts for twenty one seconds. The five tiny hearts on the main vial spiral out and land on the main heart. The heart flashes each time. As the fifth heart lands, the main heart disappears in a flood of tiny pink hearts. The blue heart shaped stopper comes out. There is a flash of light and Bloom appears and draws her sign, which is a heart on top of another heart. Bloom's fairy dust

Believix Bloom's Believix lasts for thirty four seconds. First she raises up one hand. Fire burning from below and fire coming down her shoulder form one glove. The same happens with the other hand, then she whirls around twice and it is seen that some of her hair is held together with a golden heart. There is a flash and her eyeshadow appears. She turns and we see a silhouette of her hip around which a dragon shaped coil of fire forms her skirt. There is another flash and her wings form from beams of light. She runs in front, then turns and lands, and a dragon winds around her as she strikes her final pose with one hand on her hip and the other extending outward. Bloom's Believix

Sophix Bloom's Sophix transformation lasts for seventeen seconds. First a pink flower opens. This fades into her face, which zooms out. She closes her fist and a flood of golden sparkles comes out. There is a flash, and it is shown that she is fully clothed, and her wings form from beams of light after which she strikes her final pose, with feet together and arms on each side. Bloom's Sophix

Lovix Bloom's Lovix transformation lasts for fourteen seconds. Bloom flies about, then disappears in a flood of orange sparkles. She then appears, fully clothed, and strikes her final pose with hands and feet apart.

[[[Bloom (Winx Club)|edit]]] RelationshipsEdit

Bloom is very close to Dawn as her best friend . At first, the bond between Bloom and Dawn is weak but after some time, they became good friends. Bloom does not have much of a problem getting along with the other girls. She is kind and will give a helping hand to her friends when needed. However, it is considered that Dawn and Bloom are best friends . Bloom is Dawn's roommate in the tent. Stella moved to being May's best friend ; Dawn was the first friend Bloom has ever met and, in addition, their boyfriends are also best friends. Bloom meets Iris and has a very close relationship with her as the two have very similar backgrounds. Bloom was thrust into the world of fairies and discovered her true identity as princess of Domino (Sparks) and had trouble dealing with everything. Dawn who was also thrust into the world of magic like Bloom, had no idea of her fairy abilities after she met Bloom and the Winx Club. She also has a boyfriend, Ants, and Dawn's is Ash.

[[[Bloom (Winx Club)|edit]]] Magical abilitiesEdit

Bloom is the most powerful fairy in the magical dimension. This is because her source of power is the Dragon's Flame - the greatest, and most ancient magic ever to exist. However, she still has not yet learned to fully harness it's full power.

She hails from the planet Domino, which was destroyed many years ago, with only her sister Daphne, who survived in spiritual form, and she left as survivors. After the attack, Domino turned into a dark, freezing place.

Bloom's attacks are based entirely around the element of fire, flame and heat, and usually consist of fiery blasts and explosions, even creating an inferno during Stella's ruined Princess Ball in Season 3. When she is angry, her powers and abilities are greatly strengthened and amplified enormously causing her entire body to glow like fire and explode outwards in a strong and powerful blast. She can conjure shields and barriers of pure fire and walls of flame, most of her magical shields are either star or heart-shaped (more of the latter in her Enchantix and Believix forms). Bloom can see the intentions of non-magical beings and their true nature and can read their minds and emotions. Bloom also has the power and ability to heal people as the Dragon's Flame is also the Flame of Life. This was first shown in the episode ten of the second season when she revived Sky who died after an attack from Icy in Red Fountain. Later, she used had this power and ability to cure the pixies from the spell from Lord Darkar. She would learn about why she had healing powers just before a convergence exam, and at the end of season 2, when she used it to heal herself and her friends, bringing Riven back to life (he sacrificed himself so Musa could live).

Bloom also knows some basic spells that all fairies can use, such as telekinesis, shapeshifting, transmuting objects from one to another, and fixing minor messes. In the fourth season, Bloom can use the power of Zoomix, Speedix and Tracix, which can only be used by all fairies who have achieved Believix.

Her spells include:

  • Dragon Fury: strikes with intense Dragon Fire energy.This is one of Bloom's strongest attack spells in Enchantix form.(Enchantix level spell)
  • Dragon Essence: charges at target while becoming one with the dragon,then releasing the dragon as an attack.(Enchantix level)
  • Enchantix Sphere: traps someone in a magical sphere that is impenetrable to attack (used when Bloom earned her Enchantix to drive away The Trix).(Enchantix)
  • Dragon Energy: releases an insane amount of Dragon Fire energy.(Enchantix level)
  • Fire Ray: knocks a person out with a steady beam of fire energy.(Enchantix level)
  • Dragon Fire Burst: focuses the Dragon Fire aura within her and then explodes it all outwards, releasing a burst of fire.(Winx level)
  • Heat Storm: In a rage, Bloom unleashes a storm of fire beams.(Winx Level)
  • Fire Arrow: shoots a quick-pulse beam of fire at the target.(Believix Level)
  • Dragon Wing: surrounds target in either a sphere or an aura of orange energy that allows them soar through the air.(Believix Level)
  • Dragon Heart: shoots a fireball with blue sparkles that has a heat-seeking feature and explode violently on contact.(Believix Level)
  • Flaming Armor: absorbs fire into body (used in one episode of season 4) or creates a heart-shaped shield of fire.(Believix Level)
  • Supernova: slams a hand against the ground and releases an explosion of white-pink energy.(Believix Level)
  • Force of Life: Bloom's Believix power, it is used as a healing power and can also turn negative emotions positive.(Believix Level)
  • Inner Flame:Bloom's Sophix power, the power to strengthen each creature's soul.(Sophix Level)
  • Ice Flame (Lovix Level)